Dinozauras was formed as one-man cybergore project by Lukas in 2009. Influenced by such gore bastards as DISGORGED FOETUS, HYMEN HOLOCAUST, BLUE HOLOCAUST, DIE PIGEON DIE, BILE, C.U.M., THE DAY EVERYTHING BECAME NOTHING
and of course the Lithuanian grinders KARMA JAWLESS, DISFORIJA and P.K.I.K.T.
By the end of this year Dinozauras already had two split albums in it's discography and
was ready for the upcoming year.
2010 brought lots of experimentation with doom metal and cybergore sounds,
but almost none of it happened, and probably never will, so
this year only brought one release - participation in "Destroy your brain" 50-way split/compilation with a song "Ĺ eimos Medis"
Later DINOZAURAS line-up was joined by Mircalla to occasionally handle vocal duties.
Mircalla participated in both 2011 year releases, and handled almost all of the pitchshifter duties!
The sound has shifted and almost lost it's cyber aspect, now featuring a more live sound, ridden with blastbeats, groovy rhythms and sludge tempos which could be easily tagged as

Lukas (2009-)- Guitars, bass, drum machine madness, vocals
Mircalla (2010-) - vocals

Left to right - Mircalla, Lukas